Clea lives in Polo, Illinois with her husband Zach, the pitbull Charm, and the renegade cat Phil Potts. She and Zach recently welcomed their first child! 

“I’ve been playing piano for 20+ years. As a soloist, my specialty is improvised hymn arrangements coupled with popular music – one of my favorites is Nearer My God to Thee, mixed with themes from Lord of the Rings. I incorporate a range of genres in my music – jazz, gospel, classical, pop, celtic, for starters.


I’ve enjoyed being apart of pit bands, jazz ensembles, theaters, and also working as an accompanist for a wide range of vocalists and instrumentalists.


With extensive experience in both modern, contemporary worship, as well as traditional church music, I’ve happily performed on anything and everything, from a small electronic keyboard, to an 80 rank pipe organ."


"Don't hesitate to contact me.
 I'd love to talk with you!"


404 W. Dixon St. Polo, IL

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